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Chef V. (Vasilios Voutiritsas) from Athens, Greece has been cooking for over 35 years. After jumping ship in Chicago in 1979, Chef V. moved to Kansas City, where he worked with Tasso's Greek Restaurant, which is now located in Waldo. There, Chef V. had his first son, Tasso (Anastasios Voutiritsas), who later became his best friend and business partner.

After spending years in Kansas City and attending the well-know Johnson County Community College culinary program, Chef V. held several positions in prestigious country clubs around town. Finally, becoming Executive Chef at Bartle Hall, Kansas City's downtown Convention Center.


Tasso worked alongside his father throughout the years. Then in early 2000, they began to work back stage concerts at Sandstone Amphitheater and other venues in Kansas City, providing food and beverage for the traveling talent, production and local backstage management.


Around 2004, Chef V, moved to Joplin, MO., and was hired by Mythos as Menu Creator and Executive Chef. In 2008, Tasso joined Chef V. for a  year period as General Manager, and Chef V. as Executive Chef at Caldone's Italian Restaurant in downtown Joplin.

After going on tour with the Transiberian Orchestra, they again joined up for the operation of Pitcher's Sports Bar-located in the hotel district of Joplin.

Finally in late 2013, the first 66 Sports Bar & Restaurant was born in Joplin.  After finding a second location in Webb City, they decided to focus on the Webb City location and continue to operate the one and only 66 Sports Bar & Restaurant!  The Place to be!



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